Leaders of Tomorrow (L.O.T.) – Mentoring the adolescent population in Blair County, Pennsylvania and providing educational opportunities, physical fitness, recreational opportunities, spiritual outlets and opportunities to encourage individual growth, life skills, leadership and exemplary community involvement!

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About Our Foundation

We Have the Power to Impact The Lives of Our Local Youth

Located in Altoona, PA and founded in 2019 by Jeremiah Witherspoon, a former professional boxer and current coach of amateur and professional fighters in Blair County and Central Pennsylvania.

L.O.T. is a program for adolescents ages 11-17, based in Blair County in Pennsylvania. It is a mentoring program to provide educational opportunities, physical fitness, recreational opportunities, and spiritual outlets. The adolescents will also be encouraged to develop leadership qualities, life skills and individual growth and community involvement.

The program director will initially meet with the parent(s) of the youth to discuss our goals for them and to discuss the parents goals. There will be discussion concerning behavior goals and the strengths and needs of the youth. The program director will assess what the youth needs after the discussion.

The program will meet twice a week on Wednesday and Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm, with an occasional Saturday meet for any specialty events. The program will be held at the Scorchin’ Boxing Facility, located in Altoona, PA.

Our mentoring program will build a better youth through boxing, fitness, communication, leadership abilities and other activities. There will be round table discussion regularly with the youth.

At drop off the parents are asked to talk to the program director about any behavioral concerns both positive and negative in order to provide the needed content for the youth.

There will be trips to participate in various activities as scheduling permits.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Our Programs


The mentoring includes anger management, counseling, bullying and anti-bullying support groups. The programs include employment training such as mock interviews, how to speak clearly, how to dress for success, and what to say. There will also be employment access through mentors and speakers.


Our goal is to help teens annually prepare for the workforce through classroom-based interventions focusing on career readiness and internships. These programs help teens graduate high school and pursue post-secondary success, and prepare youth for an entry-level job.

SPIRITUAL youth development

Our mentors will help to provide successful transitions into adulthood, accountability, and discipline. We will have spiritual aspects to our mentoring. Our mentors will help to provide successful transitions into adulthood, accountability, and discipline. We will have spiritual aspects to our mentoring.


Scholarships will be offered to students who are in the mentoring program and are intending to continue their education on a college or trade school level.


Our program will also include nutritional aspects such as healthy foods vs unhealthy foods, what and how to buy healthy foods, shopping the outer edges of the stores, and beating obesity.


This youth class teaches basic boxing skills and techniques. Including cardio calisthenics, shadow boxing, bag work and basic self-defense. Participants will work with the bags and learn stance, guard, movement, the jab, cross, hook combination and more.

Our Partners & Sponsors

Scorchin' Boxing

Scorchin Boxing

Boxing gym in Altoona, PA offering boxing and other physical fitness for amatuer and professional boxers.

National Bible Association

The National Bible Association members are those of the Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish faiths, all joined together for the sole purpose to “Encourage Everyone to Read the Bible…whatever version“…….for the wisdom, inspiration, and guidance found there.

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Cayden Media, LLC

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